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Welcome and thanks for visiting me.  In this world of stress, I appreciate the time you're sharing with me.  Hopefully, this site, and my writings, will help you relax and enjoy life!  Please feel free to sign the guest book and read anything. However, I do have some explicit material here, so if you are under 21, please go no further.  I'm a mother and have no wish to be party to the corruption of children!  I also have a blog located at for those of you who are a member of tumbr. That, too, is an 18+ site only. In order to read any of my blogs, you will need to send me an e-mail. Once you have confirmed your age by sending me your birthday and name (or alias), I'll happily send you the password. Thanks for understanding!


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My books, and all those from TEB, are now available at  Just go to the e-book section and type in my name or the names of my books in the search.



Please, visit - the publisher of my first novel Conquest of a Fairy along with my trilogy Pleasure.  They also have a lovely blog written by  all the wonderful authors, after you read my blog, pop over there and enjoy theirs as well! I write the blog over there on the 8th of every month, so enjoy!